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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Red Corvette

Husband and I worked for the same company. 
A very large company.
Different departments, but we still ran into one another and had many, many mutual co-workers who knew we were married.
One year for Christmas I bought him a red Corvette.
(It’s a long and boring story so I won’t go into it, but the end result was I bought the car and gave it to him.)
The story spread like wildfire through the company. And I got a great reputation for being the wife who bought her husband a bright shiny red Corvette!
Everyone thought I was marvelous!
(The part I never told anyone was--- right after I gave Husband the keys to the car I also handed him the payment book for the loan!)

No need to shatter my image, right? LOL


  1. Well no...there is no need to shatter your image! You didn't even have to tell us!

  2. HaHa .... great story, and great drawing....hmmm giving me ideas for an old truck my husband has been wanting.....

  3. lol. and I thought you bought that red car to go with those red shoes. :)


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