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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Why is it that some blogs catch our attention and compel us to keep reading and others we just stop on for a second or two and continue on our way?
What is it that makes us stick with a blogger, even when sometimes the posts aren’t really about anything?
I find it quite amazing that even though we can’t see one another here, we still make that human connection. Something touches us in each other’s words and we come back time and again.
Thank you for coming back.
Here’s to our continued friendship. I am grateful and honored to call you my friends.


  1. I've wondered about that too, what makes us go back to blogs or dismiss them. Always very glad to come back to this blog though and see your clever paintings.....your blog friend, ann:)

  2. I come back because I love your stories and your drawings.

  3. You just write about such interesting things

  4. Who knows what happens? But I'm very glad it does.
    Love your illo xx

  5. I love your blog Robin, It always puts a smile on my face. xx

  6. I LOVE my online friends - whom I've never met - except for you - and I'm so happy that YOU are part of my life!

  7. Oh yes... I wonder about that too - about my own blog, mostly ;) Not when coming here to visit you :) I love what you have to say - every single post! Thank you so much for all the smiles you brought & bring :) My bloggy friend :D


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