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Thursday, January 19, 2012

I am Goal Oriented

I am very much goal oriented. I once made 13 stops on my lunch hour and still got back to work on time. (I broke a motor mount in the car doing it, but still.)
I used to be able to write out my grocery list at work, go to the store, shop, pay, drive home, put the stuff away and still have time to make a sandwich before heading back to work, on time.
What I’m saying is, I’m goal oriented.
Left to my own devices with no to-do list or specific goal in mind I wander aimlessly around. Much like the ball in a pin ball machine, bouncing from one place to another.
This is how my day went today:
Got up
Booted up computer
Logged on, checked e-mail
Surfed blogs
Wandered into the kitchen, ate breakfast
Thought about what to make for dinner
Looked into the studio, thought about what I might want to work on….
Wandered back to the computer, wasted more time
Wondered if the mail came
Realized I never took anything out of the freezer for dinner
Re-thought about what to have for dinner
Remembered I never got the mail
Fed the cat
Wandered to my painting table…..stared at paints…walked away
Turned on the TV…..wasted more time
The next thing I know, Husband is home asking “What’s for dinner?”
Ordered pizza
Ate pizza
Watched more TV with Husband
Went to bed
Goals achieved today:  GOT OUT OF BED! LOL


  1. Never mind Robin, you must have needed that sort of day to recharge!

  2. Yep...that sounds like a typical recharge day! Enjoy it when they come!

  3. :lol: Sometimes its just the way the cookie crumbles :) xx

  4. Hah. The trick is to appreciate it as a day spent in perfect conjunction with the flow of the universe, really. That's the REALLY hard part ;)


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