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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Don’t Wanna Clean

When Husband and I were both gainfully employed (and the boys were little and we were busy) we treated ourselves to a maid. Once every two weeks Nancy came and cleaned our house better than we did! She was the most amazing young woman.
It was heaven!
Then she moved.
So we hired another maid.
Her name was Ida.
She would come to the house, pick up a dust rag and proceed to lethargically run said duster over bits and pieces of furniture and a few flat surfaces here and there.
The WHOLE time she never stopped talking.
And for most of the time when she talked she stopped working!
Nancy didn’t have a time limit. She worked until the job was done.
Not Ida!
She had a strict time limit whether she was finished or not.
Husband dubbed her ‘Ida Wanna Clean’!
We haven’t had a maid since.
How I miss Nancy (because 'Ida wanna clean' either!)


  1. I know the feeling!, love the nickname btw. I've got a Dyson too, brilliant drawing, but as a tip you need to unravel the wire thing on the back and plug the end of it into the socket thingy, allegedly!

  2. I hate to rub it in...but Arinda...the lady that helps me clean is absolutely wonderful. One of the things on the down side of living State side PT is that 'Ida Wanna Clean' either!

  3. I read somewhere recently that if you spend too much time keeping a tidy house then you have too little going on in your life. Tidy = Boring. At least that's what I tell my husband.

  4. You had a cleaner? Oh, the height of luxury.. one day, one day.. until then I'm with you on the trusty Dyson :) xx

  5. Which is probably why you ended up with that really cool drawing... :) Not bad, for a day's procrastination ;)


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