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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our ‘Wedding Portrait’

No formal wedding pictures for us! Oh no!
The perfect way to top off your wedding day.
Run into a caricaturist.
When we told him we had just gotten married he drew this and presented it to us as a gift! We had it framed and it hangs in the living room. (People think we're strange! I wonder why? LOL)


  1. Awesome :D I love how you help him carry the ball and chain - are you still doing that? ;)

    On a different note, aren't you AMAZING?! I'm posting about you today :D xx

  2. I always think people who can do these paintings are so clever and what a great present to have been given. I'll be looking out for Yvonne's post too!

  3. Too funny! I absolutely love the ball and chain!

  4. You have such character. smiles


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