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Friday, January 20, 2012

Pink Tools

Men are funny aren’t they?

I worked as a technician at one point in my career. Mostly with men.
I wore a tool belt and had tools.

When I would take a break, I would leave my tool belt on the table.

Every once in a while some of my tools would grow legs and walk away.

It was frustrating because you really did use these tools all day long. And if you ‘lost’ one you had to keep borrowing from someone else until the boss could get you another. (Kind of difficult when you’re twenty feet up a ladder to say, “Hey, can I borrow that?”)

 Husband solved my problem.

One day he came home with a can of neon pink spray paint and painted all my tools pink.

Not one single pink tool ever disappeared!
Not even when they needed to borrow a tool did they ask to use my pink tools!

They worked exactly the same as the non-pink ones but they wouldn’t touch them!

Like I said, men are funny! LOL


  1. Yes they are! Lovely story. Your talents never cease to amaze me. xx

  2. What a clever husband to think of that!...and another very clever drawing may I say:)

  3. Absolutely brilliant! And I LOVE your pink-handled tool illo!!

  4. Hah. & what an awesome idea!! Funny thing is, there are scores of women out there who wouldn't touch pink tools either, for fear that someone would see them and think they're, oh, I don't know? girly?? I love your pink pliers :)


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