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Friday, October 19, 2012

Did I Ever Tell You About the Time I Served My Guests Raw Shrimp?

(and it wasn’t sushi?)

Yup, that’s right. Raw shrimp!

We have good friends from up north who come to visit.
They love the seafood we have in this area (Grouper, Stone Crab, and Gulf Shrimp.)
So we started our own private SEAFOOD FESTIVAL.
It consists of copious amounts of various local seafood and beer.

One year I thought it would be a good idea to pre-order the seafood. And because I’m basically lazy I ordered the shrimp cooked. (This is very common up north, apparently not so much down here!)

Now here’s the problem. 
Up north raw shrimp are grey in color.
Down here the shrimp are PINK. Both when raw and when cooked.

I thought it looked a little ‘under-done’ when I opened the package. I even mentioned it to Husband and visiting friend.

Did I mention there is a copious amount of beer as part of this celebration?

We all concluded it was okay and I served it up on a platter.

It would have been fine if it had just been our friends. 
We would have had a good laugh and been done with it. 
But this particular year we had invited their parents to join us.

So here I am, half sloshed and serving my guests raw shrimp!

They were incredibly gracious.
I was mortified!

Our ‘friends’ thought it was hysterical and teased me for the rest of the visit.
And every year since! (I’m still embarrassed!)


  1. Remind me, if I ever come to visit, that we'll go out to dinner at Red Lobster :-D

  2. Oh YUK! I'm with CJ!!! HAHAHAHA. You have the greatest stories.

  3. Yuuuukkkkkkkkk! But oh so funny.


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