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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Please Forward All Communication

I’ve always been a little disappointed (and annoyed) my mother hasn’t come back to haunt me. She promised she would!
There were times when she would threaten to come back, and times when she would tease that she’d come back.
So far she hasn’t made an appearance.
I haven’t given up hope yet though. She always kept her promises so I don’t think a little thing like death would keep her from her word.
Maybe she just doesn’t know we’ve moved! That must be it!
Maybe I should send a change of address card!
What do you think?


  1. Don't worry Robin, I bet she is standing just behind you most of the time!...(now there's a thought!)

  2. I think maybe she has, and you just don't know it?
    :) Re: change of address card--if you design one, I have no doubt it will be pretty...

  3. Wellll, I think...that she is 'haunting' you but the definition of the word is a little different than you'd imagined. I mean...I don't know anyone else with your memory for stories...so think she must be giving you a little help there.


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