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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Lion in the Tunnel

When I was a kid, living in Westchester, we used to ride our bikes to the candy store.                                                                                                 This necessitated going under the railroad tracks.                                            

There was a tunnel that ran under the station for the commuters to reach either side of the tracks safely.
The tunnel always scared me.
Not for any rational reasons. But because of a television commercial that was running at the time.
It was for the Dreyfus Fund.                                                                                           
They used a lion as their ‘brand’.                                                                                      
In the commercial the lion was shown coming up the steps from a subway/train station tunnel.
I was always afraid I’d run into the lion in the tunnel.
I would never go to the candy store alone!

What a dork I was! LOL


  1. Well darn...don't know why but 'this video is currently unavailable'...which happens often on my Apple. I was afraid of the clock which sat on the dresser in mine and my sister's room. It terrified me...and thankfully Mom realized it and it disappeared. Oh happy day.

  2. Afraid even though the lion was smiling when he came up the subway stairs?

  3. I would have been afraid too! (wonder why annie was afraid of a clock?)

  4. i don't blame you!! lions are BIG and they look hungry all the time!!


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