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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Growing up my parents nicknamed me ‘THE CRUISE DIRECTOR’.
Apparently I like to be in charge! LOL
It’s true, I hate indecision. Although I am one of the biggest offenders when it comes to making choices myself (go figure!)
Husband knows this about me, and when the inevitable ‘where do you want to go for dinner?’ question arises his answer is always, “I don’t care.”
I think he does this for two reasons.
One: he really doesn’t care.
Two: he likes to see me get frustrated that he won’t decide for me!
Can YOU say passive-aggressive?


  1. You and me too!....I get called Mavis sometimes because I can't decide (Mavis comes from a comedy called 'Open All Hours' years ago - copy and paste this for a clip of poor Mavis deciding which shampoo to buy!


  2. It's the SAME at my house. Always. I really think it's a man thing.


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