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Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Cabinet of Curiosities

This month’s theme at the Sketchbook Challenge is ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’.
To tell the truth, it kind of leaves me flat.
But as I was fooling around at the computer I started playing with some of my faces, cutting and slicing and rearranging them.

They looked quite curious! LOL
So this is my cabinet of curiosities. 


  1. Very clever - must admit, I felt the same about the SC this month, so have left it again, I'll see what they come up with next month!

  2. For accepting a challenge that left you flat, your approach is awesome. I would have walked away.

  3. O yes, I'm with CJ here! I LOVE what you did, cutting and pasting & colouring faces :) A very curious cabinet it is - may I offer that it's got a whiff of Silence of the Lambs to it? ;)

  4. LOL these are so good! Picasso ladies.


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