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Thursday, November 21, 2013


Harriet was the kind of kid that always had something better than you did.
HER house was better than yours.
HER mother’s car was better than your mother’s.
HER toys were better than yours.
SHE got a better grade in arithmetic than you did.
HER life was infinitely better than yours.
Yada yada yada………….

It used to drive us all nuts!
But we never said anything to challenge her because in a way we felt sorry for her.
She didn’t have a father.
Her mother worked so she was a latch key kid (before ‘latch key’ was a phrase.) We thought this was the reason for her outlandish lies.

One day when she told the whopper of all whoppers I couldn’t take it anymore.
And I called her out on it.

Her RICH MILLIONARE uncle had died and left all his money to her and her mother.
She was a millionaire!

She kept insisting it wasn’t a lie.
And she could prove it.
She showed us a clipping from the newspaper…………..
It was all about a millionaire related to a local family who had died and left his entire estate to this local family….Harriet and her mother!

The ONE time I decided to call her out on her preposterous lies (and we ALL knew they were lies) the ONE time and it turned out to be true!!

Lesson learned….lesson TOTALLY learned.


  1. Was the lesson, Never miss an opportunity to keep your mouth shut? I'm still struggling with that lesson

  2. But was she sad that her Uncle had died? !!!

  3. What was the lesson? Make sure you knew it was a lie first? That every line from her might not be a lie? She is the one who should have learned a lesson - that the one time she had something good to share, no one believed her because of all her prior lies! Like Ann, I hope she at least liked her uncle.

  4. I like ann@studiohyde's question...and I'll bet Harriet continued to be annoying.


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