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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday


  1. When you see that guy with the paper cup or that lady with the thermos just wonder what they are drinking as my brother has had beer in a paper cup and my sister has had wine in a thermos before! People want to enjoy the ocean! Me - I'll have my Starbucks and put my cup in the trash can on the way out!

  2. you think they could have made a signpost full of "yes" things to do. I like a little balance, i guess :)

  3. No nothing. I agree with alarmcat on the yes signs. That would be a shorter stack, surely.

  4. They forgot one. "No Standing." lol
    Someone should put a sign next to it saying, "Well, What CAN I do?"

  5. I work for a National Park, and we had a sign in the office of all the things you couldn't do, and at the bottom it said 'ENJOY YOUR PARK' It was a joke poster (but unfortunately somewhat true!
    And on another note - How is that thumb doing?? Time for an update on the not visiting the doctor post.


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