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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Paul Bunyan aka Husband

Back in the olden days, during the fuel shortage of the seventies, we heated our house with an airtight stove.
Husband and a friend would go upstate to said friend’s family property with a big ‘ole rental truck and two chain saws.
To cut trees.
They cut enough wood to supply both our families stoves for the winter.

Since moving to a subtropical climate our need for heating has significantly changed.
But Husband likes to keep his hand in the old traditions……
Here’s our ‘cord’ of firewood for the winter!

Just enough for one fire in the fire pit and we’ve satisfied our ‘need’ for the year! 
the drainpipe to the right will give you perspective........


  1. Isn't that lovely? When you live in a place…where the only time you have to shut the window…is in the middle of the winter…when you're taking a shower…well..you just don't need much firewood. And that's a beautiful thing. But then, so is the fire pit!

  2. I was really impressed there…until I saw the drainpipe!

    it gets chilly here…but not really cold. we have a fireplace and in the 10 years i've lived in this house, we've never used it once!

    the mantle is good for decorating. that's about it!

  3. Even if you didn't use it, it's nice to see a pile of firewood :)

  4. Wouldn't it be easier to just get a Duraflame log? (-;

  5. LOL that wouldn't keep us warm for an hour!


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