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Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Husband’s birthday and Mother’s Day lined up perfectly this year and the boys came down for the weekend to celebrate. I’m at my absolute happiest when my family is all together under the same roof.
When the planets align like this I like to take a picture of all our shoes piled up by the door.
It’s a simple illustration of how I feel and what makes me happy!

This time I decided to sketch it. 


  1. A place for everybody and everybody in their place. Happy, indeed.

  2. what a great sketch! yes, it is nice to have everyone home!

  3. Love your drawing and the sentiment of course.... but I just complained about all the shoes all over the place by the door at my house. (never in a neat row like yours) I should really enjoy it as come the fall there will probably be just mine and hubby's shoes there again.... thanks for the reminder!


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