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Friday, May 6, 2016

‘One of these things is not like the others,

One of these things just doesn’t belong.’

Can you tell which one it is? LOL

I thought I knew what my series was going to be for the ‘Y is for Yellow’ class. I was so sure.
Then I started ….or rather I procrastinated.
 I started and stopped and changed my mind a gazillion times.

I wanted to push myself and do more ‘painterly’ faces.
In different mediums. Watercolor, acrylic, pastels….on canvas or cradle board.
To have tangible pieces when I finished. Not just a digital file.

I did the first one in acrylic. I hated it. Hated to process, hated the result.
Okay, next ones done in watercolor on canvas board I had either collaged or gessoed.
I got as far as the basic face shape/color.
Then I did the redheaded boy and froze! THAT didn’t go as well as I’d hoped!
I procrastinated some more. I was afraid the rest of them would turn out as lousy as the redheaded boy, so I scanned them into my computer and finished them digitally.

Why fight it?
In the immortal words of Popeye, ‘I am what I am.’ My style is what it is.
I got as far as five and I’m calling it a series!



  1. Oh! Robin. Your usual style shines through and I love the painted versions. Pleeease don't give up. With perseverance your results will improve. Why not try some of those oil pastels of yours to enhance the skin tone. When I first started painting faces I joined in the 29 faces challenge and when I look back I wonder how I had the courage to post some of those faces. Pleeease don't give up.😆

  2. Don't try to change your style, it's recognizable and cool just the way it is! It's you <3

  3. A decision made doesn't half lighten ones load. I like them all Robin, no matter what medium you used. Now I wonder what stories these characters have to tell?

  4. Aren't you being too hard on yourself? Whatever medium or tool you use, yourvoice comes through brilliantly. I especially like the face at the bottom. so full of wonder.

  5. Trying something new sometimes tells us what we don't want. Do what makes you happy. (And, I think sometimes...a little challenge makes us happy).

  6. I know what you mean. I always try new things but come back to watercolor. it's my comfort zone! oh, well. Popeye is right!

  7. What's wrong with the redheaded boy? I love your typical characters, these are all so you!


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