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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Taking Another Tack

Remember that ONE pound I’ve lost since starting this walking regime (THREE MONTHS AGO)? Well, I must have lost it in my ankles because the strap on my ‘shackle of shame’ now fits (barely) around my ankle!  
I’ve decided to wear it on my ankle because:
1. I can’t keep looking at my progress every five minutes.
2. We have hit the summer months here in the sub tropics and when I have a hot flash the rubber strap annoys the living daylights out of me when it's on my wrist!
3. This will eliminate the grocery cart conundrum.

We’ll see how it goes…….


  1. Go (for it)!!

    We're having a mild heat wave here, which is unusual. Well, at the end of the week things are going to change.

  2. But, now you look like you're under house arrest. (-;

  3. I think you have cracked the whole wearing the darn thing situation here Robin. Without a doubt, on your ankle is a good idea, unless of course, people think you are an absconded criminal with a tracker! LOVE your drawing :-)

  4. this is great! can't wait to hear if this works out better for you!


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