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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Grandma Did You Hear Me?

When Son1 was little he went to pre-school.
Early childhood education was my major in college, so I’m a huge believer that you can never have too much education. (Plus, let’s face it, three hours of ‘alone time’ for mommy is a good thing! LOL)

At the end of the year they made a major production out of ‘graduation’.
The kids wore paper mortar boards and had a commencement ceremony.
They paraded into the auditorium and up onto the stage. 
Each student received a ‘diploma’ and they sang a song.
He wore a ‘big boy tie’ and a dress shirt.
It was a BIG DEAL.
And it was all very solemn to him.

When it was over and he was marching past us at the end of the procession he stopped and said to my mother in a stage whisper, “Grandma, did you hear me?” J

Every once in a while, I stop what I’m doing and say in a loud whisper, “Grandma, did you hear me?”  

I hope she does.


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