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Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Vocabulary is Slipping

Big time!

I used to have a good vocabulary.
But lately I find it harder and harder to think of the precise word I want to use. (More fun with aging!)

I was taught that the English language is a beautiful thing, with subtleties and nuances to express your exact feelings and thoughts for any given situation.
One of my father’s favorite mottos (and he had many) was “Small minds use small words.”

I was always encouraged to expand my vocabulary.
And I did.

Until one day as I was chatting with a friend of Husband’s and he said to me, “I can use big words too! Delicatessen!”

I think that might have been the beginning of the end of my sizable vocabulary.

Thank God for Microsoft Word Thesaurus!


  1. "Small minds, small words": :-D I just tell people I have Tourette's

  2. Husband and I are at the 'change the word' phase in life....we can't think of the correct word and end up using a completely different one in it's place!
    e.g. 'could you pass me the jam', when we should have said 'can you pass me the butter'!
    No hope!

  3. Me too Ann (and Robin)! It's like...please pass that thingy. You know...tHAT thingy. No, not that one. The other one.


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