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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It is a Little Known Fact

It is a little known fact King Leer has an identical twin brother named Lester.
Unlike his ‘older’ brother (by three minutes) Lester likes to party!
He is quite the ladies’ man, a gourmand and a licensed sommelier. 
Ready at the drop of a hat for any exploit you can imagine!
(I also suspect he might be a spy for the CIA, which explains the music in this little video!)

As I type this he is off to his new home with Katie Gardenia
A wonderful and inspiring fiber artist I had the pleasure to meet and ‘work’ next to at the Explosion.

She has written a unique book about how she started one of the most famous restaurants on Captiva Island called The Bubble Room. Not only is it an interesting story about the restaurant and the characters that frequented it, but she has added her artistic and personal touch throughout by including little tucks-ins and surprises. Each is totally one of a kind!
I highly recommend it! You can order a copy from her website here.

I’m sure she and Lester are going to have an interesting and fun filled journey together! (They are kindred spirits!)

{‘King’ (as he prefers to be addressed) went home from the Explosion with Debby from Dlynne Designs. Now that the brothers are both living in the same city maybe they will get together for drinks occasionally!}


  1. Brilliant video - I thought the star was very composed throughout, lol, and so glad he has a good home. (Like how you got music with the video, very clever).

  2. LOL! I don't think I've enjoyed a video more in weeks...months...maybe years!

    Isn't Katie the doll-maker? If I'm remembering correctly, she came to AQU once and showed/talked about her dolls and later did a workshop on Pine Island with a small group. I had no idea she owned the Bubble Room...which I love!


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