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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Call Me Ebenezer

But I don’t think you should put up your Christmas decorations so early that it necessitates DUSTING THEM! 

Image courtesy: zalgon@Flickr.com 2/3/2005


  1. We always leave it til about a week or so before Christmas to put up our decs. Hadn't considered the dusting thing though....yes, the festive display can definitely wait! lol.

  2. haha! Looks like that was there undusted from last year! :lol:

  3. Bah, humbug. I so totally agree! I'm all for putting up the tree a few days before Christmas and might not do that if it weren't for The Girls! Although, I did get out my sister's Christmas lap quilt and a couple floor mats yesterday and it made me kind of happy. :) Here in Colombia they don't celebrate Thanksgiving so we start seeing Christmas decorations mid October. And I'm not just talking about in the stores...but in and on the houses.


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