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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

You Know You’re Old When…….

When the boys were little we had a very nice teenage babysitter.
One day we were chatting and the subject of music came up.
I mentioned that the Beatles were my favorite band.
She gave me a blank look for a few seconds and then said, 
“Oh! You mean Paul McCartney’s other band!”

Hand me my cane please! LOL


  1. :-D At least she recognized the name instead of blinking at you like an owl

  2. OMGoodness.... I can't imagine anyone not knowing about the beatles!... even for a few seconds. I made sure my daughters knew all about them!

  3. hahaha... funny what make us feel older.... I went to an 80th birthday party and didn't know any music.. then I thought, they'll be playing Queen at mine - and the youngsters won't have a clue! :lol:

  4. haha - and if that was back THEN, imagine how old you are NOW - lol, sorry, that was mean ;)

  5. Lol! I love this drawing....it's how I feel most of the time!


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