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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You Know You’ve Married a Good One When……..

One summer the boys decided they wanted to have a sleep over for their birthday party.
Their birthdays are only a few days apart (different years) so we always had a combined party.

Since it was a combined party there was going to be more little boy testosterone in the house than I thought I’d be able to bear so we pitched a tent on the back deck.

Our yard was very small. 
No wait, that’s over stating it.
Our yard was non-existent.
The entire property was only 40’ wide. Great for yard maintenance, bad for playing, running and camping.

But we managed to fit the four man tent on the deck. Better still we managed to squish all the party guests into it!
All was going well.
I went upstairs to the relative quiet while they wore a path from the tent to the kitchen and the bathroom.

The problem was……it was a hot, quiet summer night. And we were worried that the giggling and other assorted noises coming from the tent were starting to present a problem to our neighbors at 2 AM (who all probably had their windows open.)

I went out and tried to quiet them down to no avail.

Finally, Husband grabbed a book and went out to the tent.

He laid down with them, on the hard deck, half inside and half outside the tent (because he couldn’t fit inside with all of them!)
And from 2 AM  until dawn read aloud (by flashlight)
‘The Adventures of Captain Underpants’.

To the delight and massive giggling of all involved (including, I found out later, my next door neighbor; who stayed up all night on her deck listening!)


  1. Awwww, I reckon that nailed it - you definitely got a gooden..lol.

  2. Ohhhhh way to go Captain Underpants...and DAD! (and neighbor). :)

  3. i actually read this book a few years ago....on the recommendation of my grandson. i found it to be very cute.

    i bet the kids at the sleep over will remember that night for a long, long time!!

  4. My two tomboyish daughters loved all the adventures of Captain Underpants! That book would never have been allowed when we were young!

  5. What a great man! Bravo, sir!


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