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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Beware of Hot Glue!

Ya’ know how until you get a sore throat you never notice how many times a day you swallow?
It’s like that.
I know it doesn’t look like much.
Still ……..ouch!
And I never realized before how much I use my index finger! LOL

It will be okay by tomorrow, but allow me to have a pity party at least for today…….  ;D  


  1. Oouch! indeed. I sympathise with you Robin, and in such an awkward place too, everything you do - that part of the finger Gets It First!
    Don't burst the blister (so they say) better to let it defuse on its own.

  2. Ouchies! A second degree burn. After burning myself on the hot glue gun, though not as badly as you, I: 1. keep a bowl of water near me while gluing so if glue does drip on me, I can dunk my hand in the water and 2. I bought a cool glue gun, doesn't heat the glue as hot. There's a reason Ma didn't name me Grace

  3. Ouch. Hope it heals up fast. Consider yourself pitied.

  4. Yup that looks sore! I was going to suggest the cool glue gun - but CJ beat me too it. I hope it feels better soon!

  5. OMGoodness. I KNoW how much that hurts. Burns are the Worst. Hope it's well on it's way to healed.

  6. Yes. ouch! I didn't know they made cool glue guns. If I am gluing something really small and delicate I use a pair of tweezers or can't be used anymore jeweler's forceps and for the big stuff I keep a cold wet cloth handy for drips and pressing down things.

  7. Ouch! I would run for an ice cube. Should we allow you near the paper cutter, lol?


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