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Thursday, September 26, 2013


A Juried Competition:  Things or matter rejected as useless or worthless.

This is 'Buzz", my entry.
His body is made from old magazine pages. 
The stand is recycled from a failed project.   

The 'mud pile' he is hovering over are plastic grocery bags crinkled with a heat gun. 
 His legs are the tines of my plastic lunch forks.

 His eyes are dead watch batteries.
 His wings and the leaves are Panera paper bag handles. 

He has a problem....his 'light bulb' tail is burned out! 


  1. Aww, he's brilliant Robin! I have fallen in love with him :)
    If he gets nowhere in the Juried Competition, I'm coming over to tell them a thing or two!!!

  2. OMGOODNESS CUTE!!! A sure winner!!!

    You are ToTally clever!!

  3. BUZZ is a symphony of recycled glory! He is a sure-fire winner, bulb out or not :)

  4. The look on his face matches his little problem so that should work fine for an art jury. Your phrase 'recycled from a failed project' simply made my day.
    And besides: the whole thing is JUST AWESOME. Where can we vote?

  5. You are a genius! I can't imagine all the things that go on inside that brain of yours though. - Brilliant !!!


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