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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Murphy’s Law of Boat Ownership

Buy boat of dreams for retirement years (go into debt.)
Have wonderful memory building weekends on boat with friends and children.
While at beach boat breaks loose, drifts into shallow water and bends props.
Have boatyard haul boat out of water (for huge fee) and fix props.
Continue to spend weekends on boat until retired.
Move to Florida.
(I won’t even go into the dismantling and shipping the boat to Florida story.)
Economy crashes.
Go back to work to be able to pay for boat.
Take boat out on days off to explore Florida waterways.
While out exploring, port engine blows up.
Find out about design flaw which allows water to enter engine causing said engine to blow up.
Calculate fee to have engine repaired.
Contact manufacturer who denies any liability.
Boat sits at dock while saving money to repair engine.
While saving money for repair, work on redesigning flaw to prevent recurrence.
Continue paying insurance premiums for a boat that just sits at the dock because the bank won't allow you to drop the coverage while you still owe money on it.
Money accumulated.
Order parts.
Remove engine from boat in order to rebuild (no easy feat.)
Rebuild engine.
Put engine back in boat (even harder feat.)
Tinker and replace every single other part that could possibly have been effected by water intake.
Finally ready for test ride.
Reach end of canal, engine overheating.
Return to dock.
Tinker more.
Finally, after years of saving, working, tinkering, and redesigning…..
Take boat out for test ride (again!)
Get past end of canal (whew!) rebuilt engine running like a dream.
Start thinking about which boat broker to call.
On way back to dock……
Starboard engine blows up!

I know what you’re thinking…..but we thought we had taken precautionary steps to save the starboard engine before it had a chance to become damaged.
We were mistaken.

Prediction; by the time we save up enough money to fix the starboard engine we will have finished paying the loan and we can just GIVE IT AWAY!


  1. Ad: Free to good home, one well tinkered boat!

  2. Oh yes I too know about boats . . . and tinkering with them... and how they never get into the water... and now I am going to learn about a 1952 chevy truck that we are now the proud owners of that just needs a bit of work, and oh yah supposedly we got it for a good price (but don't quit work yet honey)

  3. Wow, that makes me really glad I don't own a boat (besides that I get seasick just looking at them).

  4. But you forgot to explain how happy you were, with the wind in your hair and the little waves rustling gently behind you in the water? Wiping the gull droppings from your hair?

  5. lol!! At Pia's Comment. Yes, you need a drawing to go with this story. Makes me glad to know I don't own a boat even if I like them.


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