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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sketchbook Review

Review of my new ‘hand-book’ journal, manufactured by GLOBAL ART MATERIALS, INC

Timaree was right.
In a word……meh.

I’m glad it was on sale. 
It said it would take ‘light’ watercolor. 
Not so much. 
The paper curls and warps with the slightest application of water.

I used my new Copic Multiliners and my good ole Sharpie pens.
Not too bad but the paper does ‘lift’ and you get little fibers and globs on the pen tips.
I also used Copic markers for color and they bleed through the pages terribly.

On the plus side….it makes the journal less ‘precious’ so I don’t have to feel hesitant about ruining it. 
Which is always a drawback for me. 
I’m afraid to make a mistake! Like it matters in a sketchbook! LOL 
Plus it's small enough to tuck in a pocket or purse. 
And it's CUTE, so there's that too!


  1. I've got a couple of sketchbooks exactly like that with the paper...I think they manufacture this type of sketchbook just to test us, lol.

  2. i have a couple of these hand-books. Great for quick studies but nothing more than that. i like your doodles here. so bold and colorful!

  3. Well that's just what I did with a cheap but small journal I had - - put it in my purse where it sits till I am somewhere bored and without other art supplies! It works great for those moments. Thanks for the review.

  4. Welp...you never know until you try! Thankfully now, the rest of us know better. :)

  5. I like using the bold colors of markers, mostly Sharpie. If pages are thin, I glue stick two pages to prevent the bleed through

  6. yep! ruin that journal, i'm sure it will turn out marvelous. maybesome gesso here and there can steady the pages a bit? i recently saw a youtube clip about black gesso! want!!


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