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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Infamous ‘They”

The drawback to using a cloud based program or app is ‘THEY’ can change, update, rearrange, modify and pretty much ruin it anytime ‘THEY’ want!
My USED TO BE FAVORITE drawing program/app on Tablet was updated last Tuesday.
It’s automatic.
You have no choice.
Husband has since turned off that option in settings for me, but not until it was too late to save my beloved Sketchbook Pro.

I am *&$*&#*&@& pissed!
And that’s putting it mildly.

It’s like someone has broken into my studio and rummaged around in my desk moving things around so I can’t find anything. And even STOLEN some of my favorite tools!

Who does that?????

Why don’t they give you the option to update if you want whatever ‘new’ goodies they have decided to offer?
And if it has to be automatic why not give people the option to roll back to a previous, preferred version?

I don’t want to learn how to use the damn thing all over again!
One learning curve per program is quite enough for me!

I LIKED the way it worked BEFORE.
I was comfortable with it.
I knew right where everything was.
I could reach for a brush, change a color, and add a layer all without a second thought.

Now I have to dig for the options I want.

Needless to say this is no longer my favorite program.
I might get used to it in time……..maybe…….if I can get past being pissed.

I sent ‘THEM’ a strongly worded email voicing my displeasure AND I’m retracting my star rating (so there!)

Not that THEY care about my measly opinion.

But a person has to take a stand! 


  1. All credit to you for working it out in the first place!...I've never got to grips with any of those paint programs for ipad! Hope you find a program you like again, or work on the update, I love seeing your drawings using it. Chin up dear friend :)

  2. Change happens! Sometimes it's good and sometimes not but it will surely happen. Sometimes I don't mind too much as with IOS 7 for my Iphone although my daughter hates the new icons and wishes she hadn't updated. I have had trouble with Windows 8 and wish I hadn't updated. I sure hope you can relearn and also learn to love the new version.

  3. Too bad they don't follow the if it ain't broke don't fix

  4. I'm with you. That would p--- me off to no end as well


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