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Monday, October 7, 2013


Does it ever surprise you to look in the mirror and see that you’re not ‘young’ anymore?
I know that sounds weird, but let me explain.

I couldn’t find my regular brand shampoo last time I went shopping (stay with me here, it’s pertinent!) So I bought a different one.
I used it for the first time this morning and the fragrance was exactly like a brand I used in my twenties.
It was a nice little treat for my olfactory senses.

I loved that shampoo so much I used to have the pharmacy guy buy it by the case.
But life moves on and they changed the formula or something, so I stopped buying it.

But the funny thing was…….when I stepped out of the shower and was toweling my hair I glanced in the mirror and saw myself as I am now….. and I was, for a nano-second,  taken aback that I didn’t see my thin, pretty, twenty two year old self reflected back at me! 

Okay, so I’m delusional, you’re surprised?


  1. yes, that happens to me, too, now and then. i'm always surprised to see the gray haired lady in the mirror. sigh.

  2. Mirror Mirror on the Wall!! I don't need to worry about that happening to me, I was never thin nor pretty so I haven't missed out! lol.

    1. You forget.....we've all seen you on your videos so we know you're very pretty!

  3. Well honey...you're just looking in the Wrong mirror!!!


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