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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gecko Gardens

Some time ago I put my painted birdhouses in our ‘back forty’ (our little garden on the lanai.)
For several reasons…

        I was sick and tired of dusting them.
I thought it would add some needed color when the decorative plants died off.
It might give the geckos a hiding place from the cat when she went on her nightly hunts.

I have noticed a growing number of geckos out there lately and I imagine they must be partying hardy now that she’s gone.  ;)


  1. You'll be the Gecko capital with lovely houses like that. Does the house come with the beach chair and umbrella?

  2. what a great idea!! i love those "pops" of color. i'm sure the geckos do too :)

  3. Geckos! Weird creatures. I have only seen a few in my life, where I live it is too cold for them.
    I am happy for the geckos but it is still sad about your cat.

  4. Awwwwww....you're missing your kitty. I lost Miss Kitty when we were living in Temple Terrace and Still think of her.

  5. And I love Gecko Gardens! Are those little snail shells at the top? I don't remember seeing them in the Cape but I sure do have them here!

  6. Aww, didn't know you had geckos! Love the house :)

  7. Geckos are so cute - we don't have any close by, so I probably romanticize them a bit. I love watching them. I am sure they are loving the house. Love how you have depicted it here. (still sorry about the loss of your cat, hope your doing okay)


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