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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ancient Aliens

I LOVE watching Ancient Aliens!
For two reasons:
1 Georgio’s hair! (seriously, what's up with his HAIR!?)
2 The theories are hysterical!

One of the episodes theorizes that ancient aliens live at the core of the earth and the portal to get in and out is at the North Pole.
My theory of why we have no proof of this is because one of their toddlers got hold of the ‘garage door opener’ that opens the portal and lost it in the cracks of his car seat in the space ship! And now they can't get out! (Or in depending on.......oh, never mind!)

Seriously though…. I don’t think out of all the millions of galaxies out there we are the only beings. Whether or not they are like us I have my doubts, but I do have another theory…

I think we are some alien fifth grader's science fair project.
It explains so much. 
Why we always see ‘things’ in the night sky (he’s checking up on us to see how we’re doing!)
Why some cultures just disappear for no apparent reason (he forgot to feed them!)

My only real concern with this theory is he will get his grade and then lose interest and we’ll all be dust.


  1. Maybe his little brother will just like to play with the people and critters. Sort of the alien version of the Fisher-Price farm

  2. I have not seen this show before but it sounds right up my alley!! If not for the aliens, then definitely to check out Georgio's hair!!

  3. I don't do TV so am not aware of these 'ancient aliens'. I have always liked the theory that we (earthlings) are a colony 'gone wrong' and abandoned.

  4. Seriously. How DO you come up with these things? lol.

  5. ...the thing that concerns me is, I can see your point of view! lol


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