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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Do You Ever Do a Review of Your Life…..?

I don’t mean reliving fond (or not so fond) memories.
Or the big events of your life.
But those tiny, seemingly insignificant moments.

In the quite times when your mind drifts in and out of memories.
Do you ever think, ah….that, right there, was noteworthy.

Little memories sometimes filter up out of my past and I think that I should have done differently.
Not that I’m ashamed or have regrets.
I guess it’s just hindsight and maybe a little more wisdom now.

One of these moments I think about occasionally happened in high school.
We were walking down the hall going to out next class, my boyfriend and I, when the huge and immensely intimidating math teacher bellowed at us, “Let go of her hand!”

And in that second, that inconsequential moment my boyfriend tightened his grip on my hand, and I loosened mine.
We didn’t let go but right then I knew I had made an important (albeit unconscious) choice.

I guess I do regret it.
I should have tightened my grip too.

We still defied the teacher, and paid a hefty price for that defiance, but still, in my heart I knew I let him down.


  1. I think we all have those moments in some way or other!.....sod the hand gripping though, I would have snogged him!!! lol

  2. Sounds like a knee jerk-reaction. And very human. Love the sketch.

  3. He knew you cared. He tightened his grip because he knew you were a little bit scared.


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