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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Elaine lived next door.
She was a funny and personable girl but she had entered that ‘awkward’ stage. 
All arms and legs.
We used to watch her leaving her house for school.
Invariably, everyday she dropped her books.
Not so much dropped them but somehow managed to scatter them across her driveway. 
And then chase after them kicking them farther away at each attempt to retrieve them.  
No sooner had she picked up her books and she would drop her purse spewing its contents everywhere!
She reminded us of a young fawn, all gangly and unsure on new legs.
Or like a comedy routine with no audience.  
If she only had this stylin’ pink backpack she wouldn’t have had so much trouble! 


  1. Poor Elaine I can picture her difficulties, you gotta laugh - Great drawing :-)

  2. I believe Elaine became a top model and now other people carry her stuff!

  3. Love the story and Elaine.Thank you for stopping by and for sending your best wishes.

  4. She may be ungainly, but she has fashion sense. Her shoes rock!

  5. i want a pair of those socks!!

  6. I'm with susupetal.
    And I do believe she straightened herself out all because of that funky pink backpack.

  7. I believe she grew up to be a prima ballerina in the NYC Ballet. Look at those long legs. Love the drawing.

  8. Oh yes some girls (boys too) get that. I am still grumpy that I never did. I would ride a much taller bike tahn I do now.


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