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Monday, June 9, 2014

Aging 101

Okay, so I expected the fading eyesight…..I’ve worn reading glasses for years.
I knew about ‘liver spots’. I’m not happy about them, but I was aware of them. I knew that boobs race each other to see who can droop the lowest.  I endure the creeping poundage. I was aware I’d develop aches and pains and I knew I wouldn’t be able to do all the things I did as a 22 year old.

And I accept these changes with grace and dignity (I think!)

But nobody told me about ‘things’ starting to grow on me!
Little alien ‘things’ that pop up here and there!
What the hell is THAT?
A rogue mass of cells that decided, “Hey, let’s really drive her nuts and cluster here! She’ll freak out and think she’s got melanoma! Hahahahaha!”


I mean, I’ve always been kind to you. I’ve taken care of you. I don’t expose you to extreme amounts of ultra violet light. Even though I’d love to go outside more I take you into consideration and don’t. And when I do I wear sunscreen. I keep you moisturized. I keep you scrupulously clean.
Why are you being so MEAN to me?

File under: Things Mom never told me.....


  1. Yep, it's a cruel twist we have to endure ;)

  2. Yeah, the WTH joys of skin tags. A little dab of Australian Tea Tree Oil helps dry them off and they shrink and disappear. Takes a while and the oil has a strong odor. Not disgusting, but not my favorite scent. A bit eucalyptus like. I only use it at night.

  3. I totally relate…and OMG…Growing old really is not for sissies.

  4. Someone said recently that being old is a full time job. I think I'd prefer unemployment. . .

  5. I'm glad you told me! Will confront my mom who is visiting tomorrow.

  6. I'm afraid to say......... I also can relate. :)

  7. The fun of life and growing older. I think this is just the beginning of the real thing. The reading glasses were just a tease!


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