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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Godfather of the Neighborhood

I’ve mentioned before, we live in a neighborhood composed of permanent residents and part-timers (snow birds.)
I guess being snow birds they don’t know the ins and outs of the basic care and maintenance of Florida living.
Mostly in the lawn and garden categories.
Plus we have rules and regulations that are, to say the least, mercurial.
They change the lawn watering rules as often as I change my mind!

And then there are the rules on how and where to put your garbage cans for pickup…..
Rules for landscape debris---
How long, wide and heavy it can be----how to tie it up……on which side of the driveway it has to be placed…..
When you are allowed to fertilize your lawn and what kind of fertilizer you can use…..
What you’re allowed to plant and where……and on and on……

So a sort of ‘routine’ has developed.

The neighbors watch Husband and then do what he does.
At first we thought it was just coincidence. But it has become quite obvious that they follow his lead.
And it’s hysterical!
Husband trims the palms…..the next day the neighbors are trimming their palms.
Husband fertilizes the lawn, the next day so are they.
He weeds, they weed.
He sprays for bugs, they call the bug guy.

I have a feeling if we ever move the neighborhood will be doomed! 


  1. What is it like to be the Jones's lol. (actually, when my husb. cuts our pampus grasses out front, the neighbour always gets someone in to do his. It happens every year, we even waited this year for an extra month to see if he got his cut as last year, but no, as soon as husb. cut ours, the neighbour got someone in to do his. It's both funny and bloody annoying.)

  2. If you move, the neighbors will move, too! :-D

  3. Yep…gotta watch out for those Cape Commandants!

  4. So many people just don't know what to do. Or they are busy doing other things and don't think about stuff till someone else does it. Thank goodness we don't have quite as many rules as you do or my husband would have us moving ASAP.

  5. LOL and I thought the US was a free country with fewer rules than on our side!?

  6. Stopping by to catch up on you and your adventures...the neighbors would have cardiac arrest to have Weedy Acres next door... I am right with you on the aging thing...and gosh...I hope you get another email from the magazine giving you a Yes !..Have you watched Tim's Vermeer ...it's out on DVD and available to stream now....thank you for the comment on the fish...the color of the fish is the actual neon colored index card...did another one today... back soon....

  7. lol!! Simon Says. ....I'm not sure I could live in a place that has so many rules and restrictions. In fact, I'm pretty sure I couldn't. lol at cj's comment.


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