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Monday, June 16, 2014

The Butterfly Effect

It goes like this:
I want to set up my desktop to shoot some pictures for the blog or my Etsy shop but I can’t because there’s too much crap on the desk.
But in order to move the crap off my desk I need to finish what the crap is supposed to become.
But I really don’t have time to do it because I’m committed elsewhere.
PLUS…..I’m burned out from the project on the desk and I really don’t want to work on it.
But I need to take pictures…….
So I stop the current project and get back to the one on the desk, grudgingly.
But the project on the desk requires drying time…..so I get involved with another project while waiting for the glue to dry…..
And then……SQUIRREL!

So here I sit, in the middle of a chaos!


  1. It looks like tidy chaos to me! You should see my workspace....no, probably better not, it has been known to bring on OCD in those sensitive types, lol.

  2. I know how you feel, Robin. But it looks like beautiful chaos.

  3. If that's chaos, come rearrange the chaos on my desk to look like yours.

  4. i've had this problem crop up before, too. i just moved project #2 to the kitchen table. why have one mess when you can have two. that's my thinking.

  5. Well hey! You got some good pix of it!

  6. I keep moving stuff. I have seven containers (mugs and such) holding pens and pencils for different projects. They are there because I needed room to start another. My desk is covered with one project on top of another. I know what you are talking about!

  7. That's chaos? That looks to me like neat piles of stuff. Beautiful piles of stuff.

  8. Yup yup yup - you say it perfectly. Only my mess is more messy and extends off the desk and onto the bookshelf and to the computer desk and then onto the floor. A spilling mess that I am supposed to be cleaning up, but I wanted to have a nice visit with you, because it has been far too long.....


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