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Monday, June 23, 2014

I Did It! I Did It! I Did It!

I’ve been trying for weeks now to figure out how to capture my sketches on Tablet so I can share them here. (I know..... you’ve waiting with bated breath! LOL) Anyway……I’m fascinated with watching time lapse YouTube videos of other people’s drawings. I figure if I’m captivated by it you would be too.
Nothing too long, just a minute or so.
I thought it would be cute.
Nice simple idea.
Easy peasy.

Not so much as it turns out.

Tablet is an android device and because of this it needs to be ‘rooted’. A fancy word that means you have to go into places the normal user shouldn’t go to unlock certain settings. (I don’t recommend doing this, you risk ‘bricking’ your device or losing things you don’t want to lose.)
But I figured if I did ‘brick’ it I could just buy a new device (’walk towards the lowercase ‘i’……) that already has the capabilities to screencast without messing about in the settings. 

So I Googled…..

And downloaded and tried and failed and Googled again and tried and failed. Called on my personal tech support and tried AGAIN and failed.
Then I found a site online that would do it for you. I broke down and paid. It was worth it. The frustration level had outweighed the nominal charge.
I now had a rooted Tablet that was working.

I did some research and found a simple screencast app, downloaded it to Tablet and thought I was all set.
The app was glitchy, only captured the first few frames and then stopped, wouldn’t play back, wouldn’t capture audio…..you get the idea.

More Googling, and trying and failing (have I mentioned I don’t react well to failure?)
Turns out you need to ‘tweak’ some of the developer options….who knew?
Sooooo……..finally I had it all set. Aaaaaand……..crash!
Uninstalled, reinstalled……well you’re getting the idea!


The sketch sux but that’s not the point. The point is I DID IT! I GOT IT TO WORK!

Now I just have to polish my editing skills (and find better music!!!! LOL) 


  1. Congratulations!!! It was fun to watch and clever of you to have worked it out. I'm not sure I completely understand all the words you said, like rooted and screencast etc but then I'm no techy, lol. Looking forward to seeing more of these Robin, I love watching Youtube videos of art work too.

  2. Very cool! The music wasn't so bad either.

  3. Well done. I totally sympathize with you. I have been tearing my hair out over the past few days changing over to a new router and installing catch up t.v and all that goes with it. Your little film turned out great.

  4. Great! You can make the book trailer for PEDDLES ;) :)

  5. ain't technology great?!

    most days i just want to pitch my computer out the window! but i don't think my boss would like that :)

  6. Yay for you!! I would be ecstatic!! Your little movie was great and the music fit just right!!

  7. I have been waiting with bated breath! I loved seeing your process - it is all Greek to me! and keep remembering YES I CAN!


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