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Thursday, June 19, 2014

I’ve Graduated!

I ‘self-talk’ ALL the time.
We all do.
But lately, without even noticing at first, I’ve found myself changing from the usual ‘Oh, I could never/can’t do that’ to ‘I just need more practice to do that’.
It happened quietly. 
No fanfare, no marching parades. 
Just a simple shift in my attitude.
I don’t know about you but that was a WOW moment for me.
It’s HUGE!
I’ve graduated from self doubt to self certainty (with practice, LOL.)
And yes, I know it won’t be all the time.
I know I’ll still have the doubting days but I’ll have the ‘I CAN with practice’ days more and more. 
And that's a good thing.................. :)


  1. Awesome, lady :) I sincerely believe that the best & most lasting change does come quietly - and we often don't notice because we're hanging about for the parade & the fireworks ;) Happy practising <3

  2. YES! You can! I love that you recognized the shift…and are celebrating it.


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