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Friday, June 13, 2014

Kid’s Art

I was looking through some old papers the other day and stumbled upon this.
It’s a drawing by Son1 (I’d guess he must have been first grade-ish…..?)
I’m impressed with how good it is!
It really does look just like Husband! (Me….not so much… LOL)
The way I interpret it, it depicts how he thought we met.
Husband sees me from across the street and I wave.

Not accurate but still very cute, no?


  1. Definitely cute. I can see why you kept this :-)

  2. I love looking back at a drawing my son did in primary school of us but the funniest thing was something he wrote. 'Mum is nice but she has messy hair!!!

  3. Well…you can definitely see that it's hubby…and he was obviously thunder-struck when he first saw you. LOL! How sweet. Precious memories.

  4. I think I did him justice with those rippling muscles.

  5. yes! kids are great at drawing, it takes us years to get back to that odd-but-logical style. maybe you will make a painting of this one? making some changes to the you of course ;)

  6. oh yes - so cute! And I have no doubt that he was smitten each time he saw you wave, even if it wasn't quite how you met.


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