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Friday, August 26, 2016

Faces Faces Everywhere

I know we are genetically programmed to see and recognize faces but geeze….this is getting ridiculous and slightly disturbing…..lol.
I never really looked closely at the tile in the boy’s bathroom. I mean, I chose it when we remodeled their bathroom but I never used their shower so I was never ‘up close and personal’ with it, until now.

Today I stepped into the shower and came face to face (literally!) with this: 
Do you see it?

By the look on his/her face I’m not sure who was more surprised…..
(ba dum tish!)


  1. I see faces of people and animals in my floor tiles. It's a forever changing scenery!

  2. Yep, I could see it too! Brilliant drawing, exactly what I see :)

  3. i would feel a bit scared seeing that in the shower!

  4. I see it too. And I also see faces in my bathroom floor tiles.

  5. I saw it, too. And I was thinking of this as we drove down the highway. Car tail lights and trunks smiling at me. Though a few models were evil looking

  6. Oh yes I too saw her .... she has been watching your boys shower for years!

  7. It's when the tiles start talking to you that you need to worry.


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