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Friday, August 19, 2016

I LOVE the Smell of Sulfur in the Morning……

Eggs are versatile little things aren’t they? They can be scrambled, fried, poached, baked, coddled, boiled, even eaten raw (yuck) their versatility is endless.
I always have eggs on hand and I almost always have some hard boiled eggs in the fridge to grab for lunch.

So, yesterday as I was doing my morning chores I saw I needed to make some. No problem, I grabbed a pot and a few eggs, ran some water over them, set them on the stove, started the timer and continued on with my morning routine.

A little while later, as I sat at my computer, I heard a strange POP.
Hmmm…….. that was an odd noise. Then I started to smell something.....peculiar …..
Husband was making bread in the machine and my first thought was maybe something had gone awry and it was popping circuit breakers. Then I heard another POP, and another, and the smell was getting stronger so I got up to investigate.

I entered the kitchen just in time to watch in fascination as a white blob arced across the room!
Oh, SHIT!!! I TOTALLY forgot about the eggs!!
I was so distracted by what I was doing I didn’t even hear the timer when it went off!


I quickly grabbed the pot, threw it in the sink and ran cold water over it but it was too late.

I have to say I have never seen burned egg SHELLS before………. 
I sometimes worry I will run out of things to post about…..
I see that may not be the real problem here…..lol


  1. Indeed, that's truly a new way to make eggs!!

  2. Oh! Robin. You do make me laugh!

  3. Oops!But happily you were able to salvage the eggs as blog fodder.

  4. I gave up on the stove timer. I now set my timer on my IPhone which is near me and where I can actually hear it! I have burned my share of stuff but never eggs - yet!

  5. Eggcellent recipe Robin, I must add this to my stash! Lol

  6. this is the first time i've seen this happen! i never liked runny eggs anyway!


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