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Friday, July 21, 2017

Academic Question (or, Whadya’ Do Today?)

How long (and how many people) does it take to transfer data from one device to another?
ALL FRIGGIN’ DAY, that’s how long!

Periodically I back up my computer to an external hard drive. It does it automatically for most things but not for my art. So once in a while I do a manual back up.
BUT….I have never backed up Tabley. And lately he’s been having ‘hiccups’ so I thought it prudent to back up my folders.
While I was at it I thought I might as well back up the house renovation pictures from my phone because, for once in my life, I’ve actually remembered to take ‘before’ pics.
I thought I’d knock it out in about an hour……after all; it’s just a matter of copy & paste for the most part, right?

Silly me.

First you have to get your computer to recognize your device. Seems easy enough, plug in the USB cord and there ya' go! Easy peasy……except…….my PC didn’t recognize my phone….or Tabley.
And then, of course, you must take time to ‘discuss’ with Husband all the possibilities of WHY the PC doesn’t recognize either of them.
Fast forward to six o’clock in the evening…..still in PJ’s…..and finish backing up all data!

Don’t ask me how I did it….I have no idea how…I’ve been into folders and files I never knew existed and next time I need to do this I’m as screwed as I was this time.
But it’s DONE!

Except it’s left me with the sinking feeling that technology is moving faster than I am…..and I don't like that.
(using old art because I'm too tired to illustrate....)


  1. You're WAY ahead of most of the pack.

  2. Nothing is ever easy especially technology. But your data is all safe and sound now

  3. USB? Ummm, think you are WAY ahead.

  4. My computer I leave up to my husband and son to take care of, they are both Great at everything to do with computers.

    Our cell phone provider has a great free cloud service they offer for use.

    As for everything related to my newest Kindle HD, Amazon's cloud is excellent!


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