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Friday, July 28, 2017


I am bound and determined to fill up this sketchbook. Good, bad or indifferent.
I'm going to finish if it kills me (time will tell about that....lol.)
It has no theme, or style or any unifying premise other than I'M GOING TO FILL EVERY DAMN PAGE! (although I’m not holding myself to two page spreads or filling the facing pages…..I have to cut myself some slack here….)
So, to that end, I’m using it for exercises from some of the online classes I’ve taken.
In this example it was offered that the blank page might be too intimidating as a whole, to combat that, try breaking it into ‘doable’ boxes and fill each box with an unrelated sketch.
I’m not sure if it was helpful or if it put MORE pressure on me. Now I had to come up with EIGHT ideas instead of just one! 

Ah, living the artist’s life!


  1. Is it the paper you don't like or just filling the journal? Those little squares always sound enticing but I find it hard to find things to fill them with. Put some of your puns in there with sketches.

  2. I think you did a great job filling all the squares. My favorite is the penmanship square. Nice penmanship, btw. :-D

  3. Wait a minute...foot and more feet are related. And, Missy...the tv and remote are related. Better get back to the drawing board.

  4. Well, you gotta start somewhere! Hands, you could draw your hand holding your sketchbook. I've come across an artist who draws his hand quite often for want of a subject - think it's Richard Bell, Wild Yorkshire blog. http://wildyorkshire.blog
    In fact his latest post was a chair...there you go, next drawing sorted ;)


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