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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thoughts on a Thursday

The World is Spinning Out of Control

I’m not talking about politics, or Trump, or his cronies, or his cabinet…..oh wait, that’s the same thing….
Nor am I talking about the uptick in violence and intolerance on the streets or the gun problem or healthcare or global warming….

No. I’m talking about television!

Not the content…although that could be an endless rant unto itself…..no I’m talking about program times.

I live an orderly life. A place for everything and everything in its place. The same goes for TV shows. A start time and an end time.  Starting and ending either on the hour or half hour. Nice and tidy.
Now suddenly they start and end at odd moments….three minutes past the hour…..four minutes after the half hour…..what is going on here?????

I totally get the movie networks doing this. A movie has a running time and without commercials to fill in the gaps they start and end when they start and end.
BUT Network television HAS commercials. And TV shows contracted to run on Network television have strict running times to allow for said commercials and to fit into the schedule in nice, neat time slots.
Whose idea was it to change this? And to what purpose?

In order to see the ending of one show it means I miss the beginning of another on a different station (or I switch channels to see the beginning on the next program thereby sacrificing the ending of the previous one.)
Do they think I’m going to alter my viewing habits and stay on their channel just because they’ve made me miss the beginning or ending or a show I chose to watch on another channel?

Are they math impaired and can’t figure out how to time the commercials to stay within the limited time slot?
Or are they just arbitrarily trying to piss me off?

Whatever the reason, this madness must stop! 


  1. I don't watch 📺. I read books 📚. I can start and stop when I want and the breaks are noncommercial lol. It seems to be getting crazier and crazier. My husband switched to DVDs.

  2. More commercials means program run over time. You can always catch up on the part of the show you missed by watching the show On Demand, if you have cable. Or you cand DVR one show while you watch the other. If it's a network show, you can watch on line. On your own schedule and usually with only 1 commerical during the break instead of 20 minutes. And of course, the networks do this to piss you off. :p

  3. They don't care nowadays they just think you can watch on catch up etc. I also think it's because they want to compete with rival channels for viewer ratings. But maybe they are just 'math impaired' 😂

  4. I noticed that with The Voice and American Idol but don't watch much else on regular tv. It IS screwy.


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