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Friday, July 14, 2017

Flight School

Our MEGA CABLE COMPANY, in its infinite wisdom, has informed us that unless we upgrade to their new ‘Xpetuity’ system we will be slowly losing our hi-def channels.
We still have to PAY for said premium channels; they will just no longer provide them on our old equipment.
How a company is allowed to charge for something they don’t provide is beyond me….but I digress......

Anyway….after weeks of messages intermittently popping up on our TV screen, to remind us of the impending doom, we finally gave in and ordered the new equipment.
The UPS man delivered it yesterday.
He usually just drops our deliveries off at the door but this time he rang the bell and waited to hand Husband the box. And with the tiniest hint of a grin on his face said, “Don’t worry! It’s really not that difficult to do! It only took me a weekend and a few choice words to get it going! Good luck!”

Husband used to work for MEGA CABLE COMPANY so I had no doubt he was capable of swapping out the box.
That part was smooth sailing.

We now have new ‘Xpetuity’ boxes with corresponding features and extras….and new remotes….with voice recognition.
It LOOKS innocuous enough. Pretty simple and straightforward….but that’s where they get you!

Fewer buttons mean more menus and more menus means more ‘drilling down’ to get to what you want.
It’s hit or miss (because there is no instruction manual) and I DARE you to remember what buttons you pushed to get to this particular menu so you can find it again next time you want to do the same thing.

I need flight school just to figure out how to reset my favorite channels!
 First world problems are a bitch.


  1. Oh for the good old days. A knob and only 3 channels. (-;

  2. Did you remember to put batteries in it! Lol

  3. It really annoys me that you never get instructions nowadays with techi stuff. Especially when you upgrade your mobile phone.

  4. oh, haha! Sorry I had to chuckle ... ;-) But it's because I recognize the feeling so well. I'm so fed up with how they constantly change things and make you learn a new tool every time. Longing for the simple past .... That being said: I think you should call them up and demand an instruction manual :-)

  5. First World problems really ARE a bitch. So are Mega Cable Companies.


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