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Friday, May 11, 2018

Evolution of a Face

...sort of.....

Start with a face.
Reach that point where you're afraid to do anything more for fear of ruining it.....
Scan it and import it to TableyToo where you can play to your heart's content without doing permanent damage.
Play around with backgrounds.

 Add more shading.
 Add shading AND a background.
Find satisfaction with the digital image.
Post to your blog.
Work on finding the courage to actually finish it in real life!

It's been a while since I tried anything 'for real' with watercolor....my muscle memory is a bit rusty. But I find him rather compelling......in a sad/creepy kind of way.........

....and finally the real thing......Taa-daa!


  1. He looks confused, and as if he’s looking in the mirror and is disappointed that his hair is turning grey (or am I projecting my own thoughts onto him?😃)

  2. Long live digital experiments!! I feel you about the thought of ruining a painting!

    He looks a bit shy, I think. Maybe it's because he seems to be naked :D

  3. Yup, looking in the mirror and seeing the grey. Thinking how the hell did that happen!

  4. Is the last picture a watercolor of him?!? He's fabulous! If not...he's STILL fabulous!

  5. oooh, I love him! You always draw the sweetest characters. The real thing is looking fantastic. So glad you're back in the groove :-)

  6. Handsome fella! Glad you're dipping your toe in the water. I think your muse is back from her holiday


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