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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

It’s a Conspiracy!

To make us old people look stupid!

Not that I’m old you understand, but to the people still in the workplace I guess I am......

Case in point: I was trying to update my online prescriptions the other day. I logged into the website but….everything looked unfamiliar. There was no Rx history….and as we ALL know I’ve been taking numerous meds for AGES……

I poked around here and there and it was like a ghost town….nothing but dust bunnies and tumbleweeds…..No history, no completed orders, no pending orders……I couldn’t even get it to recognize an Rx # when I entered it………..nothing.


I called Husband over to look, you know, just in case it MIGHT be me…..lol. Nope, it didn’t work for him either.

So I broke down and called. 
Turns out, since I went on Medicare, I needed to re-register on the site. WHAT??? I’ve been using this online service for literally over thirty years!!!! I get emails ALL the time. Alerting me to things that usually don’t even apply to me but for THIS IMPORTANT issue not a word! Not a peep! Not even anything on the site alluding to the fact that I MIGHT need to update my personal info…..nothing….nada…..zilch!

I’m convinced it’s a conspiracy to make the aging population look like idiots! If they make us all look like drooling incompetents then they can feel superior! And it will be easier for them to just dismiss us and not feel bad that they are letting us down!

So to all the Millennials out there I have this to say: Don’t forget who taught you to use a fork! 


  1. Sheesh! I know exactly what you mean. I’ve been using an online prescription service for a few months now (modern of me I know), and all worked well...I Order > they confirm > then dispatch > I receive, All this within 3 days. UNTIL this time, when it has taken them OVER A WEEK ...Like you say WTF!

  2. And don't forget which generation moved the computer from a large room for military use only to a desk for the average joe to use. =^,.^=

  3. 'Drooling incompetents' Hahaha!! Technology.....the baine of our lives


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