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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Gratuitous Advice from a Nobody

We’re sitting in the car in companionable silence, Husband and I, running errands. I’m just ruminating….as always…..and I see a sign outside a gas station advertising what I assume is a good price on a pack of name brand cigarettes, $6.31!!!! 

Holy cow! I quit when they were $2.50 a pack and I thought THAT price was ludicrous, I can’t even imagine how people can afford it today.

Then I start to wonder if Vaping has had a significant impact on the tobacco industry…..which leads me to think about the comparative costs of one over the other. I start to list the cost of the initial ‘accoutrement’ that is involved with Vaping, and the cost of the oils…..I happen to glance over at Husband and notice he’s looking at me in an odd way (okay, he looks at me like that a lot but this was an unusual scowl…..) it’s then I realize I wasn’t just thinking my thoughts I was saying them out loud.

“Did you ask WHY a lot when you were little?” He says.

My parents used to say I was exasperating with my questions when I was small. I asked why about everything and anything. They started answering with things like, “I’ll explain it later.” (which they usually didn’t) or, the one I hated the most, “You’ll understand when you’re older.”

I guess it comes with the territory, being the youngest, but I always felt like I was missing out on something, missing the punch line, as it were….everyone else got it and laughed….except me.

I learned early on to laugh even if I didn’t get it. That little strategy saved me in many a situation as I got older. It also led me into a few awkward moments….but on the whole I’d say, laugh when everyone else laughs….even if you’re the butt of the joke!

So I laughed!


  1. laughing and asking why - two of my favourite things to do - although it has occasionally gotten me into trouble.

  2. Funny story. Lord help me if some of my thoughts go vocal especially around my husband. I get into enough trouble with my conscious vocalizing!

  3. Going along to get along. Doesn't always work. In 4th grade, we were taken by groups of 4 or maybe 8 for a hearing test. We had a headphone held to one ear and the technician played a tone. You were supposed to raise your hand if you heard the tone. I couldn't hear the tone all the time so I just raised my hand when I saw the other kids raise theirs. Yup, failed the hearing test. :-D


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