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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lest You Think BigBrother

Episode Five: BigBrother Helps Job (Again)

As I said, Job was always doing some sort of home improvement chore around the house.
On this particular day his job at hand was replacing the pine floorboards in his den.
He had all the planks stacked neatly in his garage waiting for installation.

Along comes BigBrother to ‘help’ by painting the boards.

The lovely, expensive, knotty pines boards.

And of course BigBrother chose his favorite color….red!  (I blame Job for still having red paint around knowing BigBrother’s propensity for using it!)

Job came out to the garage to find BigBrother hard at work. 
He didn't yell or scold, just took BigBrother by the hand and brought him home. He explained what had happened and once again, my parents were aghast.

They offered to replace the boards but Job just laughed and said not to worry; he’d just turn the boards over and use the other side.

The man was a saint!


  1. O.M.G.!....don't think I would have been that calm..lol.

  2. Gulp! I would've been Upset. That man can teach us all a lesson.


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