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Friday, August 3, 2012

My First Car

My first car was a Pinto.

I loved that little blue bucket of bolts. 
You had to stick a pencil in the carburetor to get it to start.
And the fuel gauge lied through its teeth! It would run out of gas when the needle was on 3/8’s full. 
(It only fooled me once!)

It was the model that supposedly blew up on impact if it was in an accident. (Something about the gas tank location.) 
I also had the Goodyear tires that were defective.

One day I was on my way to have my brakes fixed when I rear ended a police car.
I kid you not!

It was bumper to bumper traffic so we weren’t going very fast, and I only ‘tapped’ him, but still….a COP!

I was mortified.

As he got out of the car to come back to me I was jabbering about how I was on my way RIGHT THEN to have my brakes fixed! Honestly!

He looked at my license as he listened to me blathering on and on, and said, “Go straight to the garage and BE CAREFUL!”

He didn’t even write me a ticket!
I guess he figured I wouldn’t be stupid enough to hit a cop if I wasn’t normally a law-abiding citizen! (I guess it didn't hurt to be cute, young and female either! LOL)

(That little four cylinder rattle trap also eluded a patrol car one night. But that’s a different story.)


  1. I'm amazed you are still here, having had a car fraught with so many 'issues'..lol. ...and do tell us about eluding a patrol car one night (or may be you better not!!!)...or did the car disappear off the radar...lol. Love your drawing, brilliant(:

  2. I can't wait to hear the other story! Would you believe, I tapped the rear end of a police car too! I blame it on the wet roads...and faulty brakes. No ticket for me either. I was cute, young and female too...but my boyfriend was with me so I DON'T think that had anything to do with it. BTW...I was driving a friend's car who was out of town for a few months. He'd asked me to start it up and drive it a bit for him every couple weeks. Needless to say, that was the last time I started his car.

  3. No doubt the cop was just relieved you didn't explode on impact.

  4. Haha! Funny story right there! :D My family also had a Pinto when I was about six years old, and we had it until I was in high school! Haha! I remember those times when I was with my dad and the car would turn off all of a sudden, and after my dad performed his ‘little tricks’, it would then start up. Haha! Hilarious, but we do have a lot of memories with that car. ;)

  5. Oh no! Good thing the cop let you off easy. : ) Have you had the car repaired already? It would be good to always check your brake fluid, and to inspect your tires if their ridges are becoming smooth, since they all factor in how responsive you car brakes will be. ; )

    Brittanie Holderness

  6. Hahaha! Anyone would be mortified if they rear-ended a police car. But, kidding aside, it is very important that you have your carburetor fixed. If the engine of your car hunts at idle or high speed and leaks, you have to examine the idle and main mixture adjustment screws and O-Rings for cracks and damages.

    Erwin Calverley

  7. Great story there! This is definitely a story that will be retold in the many ages to come. : ) I bet there are still more good stories with that car. It’s amazing that you survived such an impact. Bet your car now is also well maintained to last as long as your first one. Sticking to maintenance certainly increases the vehicle’s service life.

    Carry Bacot


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